I’m a passionate game designer and programmer looking to develop the next greatest game. My hobbies include rapid prototyping and not only playing video games, but studying how game systems were created and implemented to give players the best experiences.

I attended the Art Institutes of California – Sacramento part time and graduated with my Bachelor’s in Science for Game Art and Design in 2018. While attending school I worked at two small game studios located in the Sacramento area and as a Software Engineer developing educational software.

My goal in life is to do what I love: creating games that not only are fun to play, but also bring an entertaining experience to an audience of players.

Companies I’ve Worked For

Skirmish Entertainment

This small studio was founded by highly motivated students working to publish their first game. I joined the Skirmish team later in their production pipeline to work on their next project and help optimize performance quality. I worked half a year at Skirmish as a programmer and 3D Asset Designer for an unannounced title and programmer for 1 shipped title: End of the Mine.

CineToys, LLC

Two years as a Senior Engineer developing educational training software for film students using the Unity3D platform. Not only have I gained the experience in research and development while working here, but I also further boosted my skills as a project manager and team leader.

Rocketeer Games, LLC

Originally hired on as a Game Moderator for the popular web-based FPS Red Crucible 2, I later worked as a QA tester for the newest products and updates. Responsibilities included customer support and interaction with players as well as finding new glitches and cheats. Rocketeer Games was the first studio I worked for while attending school.