An infinite runner mobile game in which the player controls a paper airplane to avoid obstacles by tilting the mobile device. The world and obstacles are procedurally generated and your score is based on distance.

Download and play the Android package here:


Class project prototype I produced and assited in programming. You are a computer virus whose role is to bypass  security and make it to the central CPU to infect the system. Game play was designed around the concept of improving hand-eye coordination and familiarizing the player with a unique controller device.

Bath Buddies

An asynchronous Virtual Reality prototype I worked on during the 2017 Global Game Jam hosted at Unity Headquarters in San Francisco. The jam took place over 3 days with the theme centered around Waves. For this game, you play as a Naval cannoneer protecting your base from waves of enemy pirate ships above while your Commanding Officer (outside of the VR environment) warns you of threats below with the radar.

Check out our Global Game Jam submission page for more info or to download an Oculus Rift build!

Global Game Jam 2017 – Bath Buddies

Black Friday

A Crazy Taxi inspired mobile game I worked on with a team of students for our prototyping class. You play as a shopper trying to nab the hottest Black Friday deals while dodging crazy customers and hostile security. My responsibilities on this project included 3D asset creation and setting up rigs and blending animations in engine using Unity3D’s Mechanim system.

Click the image to the below to check out our IndieDB page: